JimGalloway: This is a blog about how even Governor Sunny Perdue is frustrated with the football team. As a former Bulldog and football player he is worried about the state of the team. I find it ironic that he is worrying about  this however with all of the state’s problems.

FanBlogs: This is a blog about whether or not player controversy will help end the Mark Richt era. I found it kinda ironic since the team just let another player go because he got arrested. This compounded with the struggles of the team makes this blog more relevant then ever.

UGASports: Speaking of that guy who got kicked off the team on Sunday, this is a blog about that guy Demetre Baker. I am wondering what that guy was thinking. Your team just lost and is on the verge of falling apart and you decide to go out and drink. In the words of Seth Myers on SNL: Really?!

Pac10Blog: This is a Pac-10 blog about how and why Georgia and Oregon decided not to play their two-game series in 2015 and 2016. This is really disappointing news. I would have really looked forward to those games. It would have given me something to look forward too given this season.

FairWeatherFootball: This is a blog about how the people of Atomic Football used complex math and stuff to predict how UGA and the other football teams in the state of Georgia will do the rest of the season. It predicts that we will go… read for yourself.