I changed up the format of the blog a bit. I am trying to make it a bit more web user friendly but I still promise useful Bulldogs’ football information. This week is going to be big. By the way I hate Florida.

1) There is no doubt what AJ Green means to our Georgia Bulldogs. He is not only a great receiver (if not the best) but he makes life easier for Murray, helps open up the running lanes, keeps the opposing defense honest, block kicks, and even return kicks if need be. Now we get to watch him do all of this against Florida.

2) 1979 was the last time that Florida and Georgia met when both teams were unranked, But make no ¬†mistake, if you don’t think that this is an important game then you don’t know Georgia football or Florida football for that matter. We are trying to prove to ourselves that we are back and Florida is still trying to find themselves in the post-Tebow era. This blog will help you get ready for Saturday.

3) Another part of this game is that somehow, by the the grace of the big man upstairs, there is still a chance for us to win the SEC East. But the team can’t focus on that. They need to focus on Florida because if we don’t then they will end up biting us in the butt. This blog however is a nice piece about where we came from.

4) A big reason for our victory over Kentucky was because of Ealey. He actually scored a couple of touchdowns, ran hard, and most importantly he didn’t fumble, not once. In order for us to beat Florida Ealey has to do more of the same, without King for another week, Ealey has to carry the load in the running game. No pressure big man, no pressure at all.

5) An important thing that Georgia fans have to remember is that Florida is coming off a bye week. For those who don’t know the last time a team came out of a bye week for this game, well just look at this video. Let’s not let them do this to us.