Here is the last edition of the Bulldogs’ football blog. Here is some news to tide you over until the season ends.

1) After Auburn’s Nick Fairley’s cheap and disgusting play last week against Georgia anything that he loses at makes me happy. Fairley is a punk and a dirty player and his coach may be worse. Justin Houston has quickly become my favorite player on this year’s squad. He deserves the Bronko Nagurski Award. Fairley deserves an anger management class.

2) Hhhhhmmmmm, would I rather see us play Louisville or Boise State in 2011? The football fan in me wants to see Boise State, but the Georgia fan in me is a little scared of Boise so would rather see Louisville.  It turns out that playing Bosie is on the table again. Get excited!!! or Get Excited?????

3) I was a little surprised to hear that there were still Georgia vs. GT football tickets out there. But I am glad to see that all is right with the world again. This game is going to be big.

4) I never thought about this before but there might be a correlation between the number of Georgia football players taken in the NFL draft and the number of wins. Seth Emerson makes some really good points in his blog. What do you think that we should do about this?

5) The number 1 question on every Georgia football fan’s mind is what will AJ Green do. Is he going to come back? Is he staying? How will the potential NFL lockout affect his decision? I think that the fact that he doesn’t know is a good thing. It is also probably BS.